‘Take What You Need, Leave What You can’: Utah Mom Opens Food Pantry for Those Struggling During Pandemic

HOOPER, Weber County — For families already coping with food insecurity, the past month has been hard. Whether it’s the unprecedented layoffs, the closing of public schools, medical bills, fear of going into public, or a combination of all four, the spread of COVID-19 has compounded an already difficult situation for families unsure of where […]

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Local Leaders Shut Down Popular Recreation Sites, Campgrounds in Grand Staircase, San Rafael Swell, Other Hiking Hot Spots

The clampdown on outdoor recreation has spread to two more southern Utah counties, where area officials have become increasingly alarmed with the spring influx of visitors streaming onto scenic public lands, particularly the San Rafael Swell and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, fearing that they could unwittingly spread the coronavirus and overwhelm limited medical capacity in […]

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